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This is a Quick Start Program Designed to get you up and Running NOW!
THANK YOU for your order. I would certainly like to welcome you to one of the most exciting programs on the web today. GOOD CHOICE! The purpose of this page is to give you a few tips where I and others have had difficulty. This truely is 'basic training' and we have a lot of material to cover. So fasten your seat belt and we'll be on our way to the CASH.

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Quick Start: Get set-up NOW!
The first thing you need to understand is that our job is to help people access the information that they need to accomplish their goal, making money on the web. Below are some of the most important Links You Need.

1.First, registed with Cookie Cutter. See Link Below

ValidCheck so you can get paid the easy way
2. Next you will probably want to Get signed up with ValidCheck so you can get paid the easy way. Plus you get $15.00 for every person you sign-up and they get $15.00 of FREE service. This is probably how you paid me. It is the easiest and the quickest way, better than credit cards because alot more people have checking accounts.

REMEMBER: Use the Key Word: "ROSIE" to get your $15.00 of FREE service.

Favourite links

Cookie Cutter Registration and Gateway
FIRST: Get registered, Get the Product Now.

ValidCheck Electronic Checks
SECOND: Customer gets $15, You get $15 CASH

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